New Mobile Hot Tubs Are Now Riding Around In Nashville

Nashville is such a cool place and we understand why everyone comes to visit! There are so many cool things to do around town. Most people when they come to town they jump on those pedal taverns. You can't go downtown without seeing those things.

One company in town thought outside of the box. Let me introduce you to the Music City Party Tub.

You can see all that Nashville has to offer while relaxing in the back of a hot tub. According to their website, "Music City Party Tub is the most unique way to celebrate a night out in Nashville. Cruise in style with your friends, in a hot tub, with five star service." 

Just looking at a few of the photos, this thing looks so freakin cool!

If you wanna find out more about Music City Party Tub, get all the deets HERE!

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