Paraglider Lands and Immediately Gets Attacked by a Kangaroo

Well this isn't something you see everyday!! Imagine you've just jumped out of a plane and are landing safely on the ground and a Kangaroo comes up. You're thinking that would be cool, but I'm here to tell you that it's not for this person.

From the video description:

"I had been Paragliding cross country for two hours near Canberra and had reached a position where I had to land. It is the last cleared valley where I could safely land, as over the next ridge there is only wilderness and trees. I decided to land on the concrete slab of the old Orroral Space Tracking Station. I was concentrating on the landing and didn't notice the Kangaroo until after I landed. As it ran towards me I thought it was being friendly so I said 'What's Up, Skip?' It then attacked me twice before hopping away. I packed up my paraglider and had to walk several kilometers to get phone reception and call a friend to come and collect me."


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