New Bill In Tennessee Would Charge Transgenders Using Opposite Bathroom

There is a new bill that Tennessee legislature is wanting to be made. The 'New Bathroom Bill' looks to charge members of the opposite sex with indecent exposure if the person exposes themselves while using a restroom, locker room, dressing room, or shower designated for a sex other than theirs.

The bill HB1151/SB1297 would actually affect transgender that use the bathroom that wasn't their biological sex. This bill doesn't specify those that are transgender. This bill does say gender 'conditions' will not be used as a defense to the charge. In the bill, "A medical, psychiatric, or psychological diagnosis of gender dysphoria, gender confusion, or similar conditions, in the absence of untreated mental conditions, such as schizophrenia, does not serve as a defense to the offense of indecent exposure."

If this passes on Wednesday before the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, it will charge anyone of the opposite sex if they're involved in sexual contact.

Source: FOX 17 Nashville

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