This Nail Salon Is Catching Heat For It's Name

Let us introduce you to Dawn Moon. She owns a nail salon in Ohio that has caught national attention because of the name. Moon told ABC News she was having a hard time coming up with a name and then BOOM she figured it out!

"You don't want something that they can't remember or that they can't pronounce or say," Moon told the news. Moon then figured, let's go back to the basics. "If you go in and get your nose done, it's called a nose job right? Well you come in and get your hands done it's a hand job!"

So that's how the name of her salon came about. The salon is called Hand Jobs. As it turns out naming her salon this has been a perfect way for her to get free marketing with all the press talking about it.

If you would like to see her interview, you can watch the interview HERE!

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