Guy Uses Flamethrower for Snow Removal

You know we don't get much snow down here, but when we do it's pretty miserable! One guy took things into his own hands to get rid of the snow at his house. Instead of using a shovel or snow plow this guy brings out a freakin flame thrower.

From the video description:

"Ever since I was a kid I always thought it'd be cool to have a flamethrower so now that I'm older and more knowledgeable I went out and built one out of spare parts in my shop. It runs off a diesel and oil mix and is powered by co2. I hate snow and love to catch stuff on fire so I set the snow ablaze. Burns five gallons of diesel in about ten minutes and gets extremely hot. Has quick change tips to fan the spray or stream it for long distances of up to fifty ft. I live in Grassy, MO."