Netflix Announces Subscription Prices Are Going UP

There are some more changes coming to Netflix in the next few weeks. Netflix will be raising the prices of their subscription plans.

Don't panic, it's not going to be some crazy price. According to reports, the plans will be going up 13-18%. This increase is actually the largest increase since Netflix launched over a decade ago.

The price will effect all 58 million U.S. user and anyone else in the future that will subscribe to Netflix.

Now, let's get to the important part, how much is this going to cost you???

The standard subscription will go from $11 a month to $13. The basic plan will go from $8 to $9 and if you're one of the fancy people that have premium, that'll go from $14 to $16.

So it's not too bad, but you better start charging people who are using your Netflix account! 

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