The Bella Twins Challenged The Kardashians To A Wrestling Match

To be honest, you're always seeing stuff about the Kardashians in the news and now this time it's about them in a wrestling match! The Bella Twins Nikki and Brie are both WWE superstars and wrestle in the WWE. Which Nikki actually just had a match not too long ago against Ronda Rousey. SPOLIER ALERT, she lost, but you can check out the match below.  

The Bella Twins were on the red carpet for the People's Choice Awards and during an interview with E News, they were talking about their upcoming shows on the network and then towards the end of the interview Nikki made a comment after being asked a certain question about wrestling anyone in the world that had the internet buzzing! Nikki made the comment that they'd love to wrestle the Kardashians!

With that being said, would you pay money to see that happen?