Boy Saved From L.A. Sewage

A 13-year-old Los Angeles boy is alive and well after spending 12 hours trapped underground in the city's sewer system.

Jesse Hernandez was playing with friends at a park on Sunday when he fell through some wooden planks placed over an access portal and plunged 25 feet into a river of sewage below. The other children immediately told their parents, who called 911. Rescuers then spent 12 hours searching the maze-like network of pipes until some cameras finally spotted some hand prints on the sides of a pipe. 

Crews rushed to the area, which was less than a mile away from where he'd disappeared, and opened a manhole. They heard the boy calling for help and lowered a hose about 11 feet. Jesse grabbed onto it and was reeled back up. He received immediate medical care and was given a thorough cleaning. Rescuers say it's incredible that he survived the ordeal. (L.A. Times)