The Ultimate Pro Sports Power Couples

Here’s one of the unfair aspects of life – the best way to attract someone hot and athletic is to also be hot and athletic. Unless, of course, you ARE hot and athletic. Then, it’s freaking awesome. That being said, even those two desirable traits might not be enough. Case in point’s the alleged break-up of Miami Dolphin Danny Amendola and Olivia Culpo.

The dismantling of that power duo has shaken up the power rankings of pro sports power couples. Here’s how the new rankings appear to be shaping up:

  • Dustin Johnson/Paulina Gretsky – He’s a golfer and she’s from hockey royalty with a fantastic Instagram Somehow, they’ve made it five years.
  • Russell Wilson/Ciara – He’s a bit corny, but wildly successful and she’s so cool she doesn’t need a last name. And they didn’t have the sex until they got married. Just wow.
  • Tom Brady/Gisele Bundchen – A bit overplayed at this point, but still very much worthy of a Top-Five spot.
  • Dwayne Wade/Gabrielle Union – He’s more outspoken than over, and she’s just plain funny.
  • Aaron Rodgers/Danica Patrick – They’re new to the game, but they’re likeable and Rodger’s family’s sure to bring some drama to the table…and that’s fun for all of us.
  • Kate Upton/Justin Verlander – No, she’s not an athlete, but she’s got two very big reasons why here name should upstage her baseball pitcher hubby.