A "Loch Ness Monster" Washes Up On Georgia Beach

Is it possible the Loch Ness monster has been spotted on a Georgia beach? Probably not considering Nessie is a Scottish legend, but one man did capture a strange creature washed up on Wolf Island. Jeff Warren of Waycross, Georgia was taken back when he saw the mysterious creature on the shore. It has a striking resemblance to Nessie, but some were quick to shut that idea down.

“It looks like a deep sea shark, like a frilled shark,” says Chantal Audranof the Tybee Island Marine Science. “Although I don’t see gill slits.” Unfortunately, the world may never know what it really was as the body was never recovered. Some are starting to wonder if the video was just a hoax. Chuck Bangley of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center thinks its just a weirdly decomposed shark, if it was even real.

“After taking a look at the photo the tail looks pretty sharky, so my guess (if it’s real and not a Photoshop job) is that it’s some kind of badly decomposed shark,” says Bangley. “Basking sharks do tend to flatten out like that when they wash up.” 

Source: Savannah Now

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