Camila Cabello Fans Defend Her Guitar Playing

Camila Cabello fans are coming to her defense after someone criticized her recent performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The singer was performing her latest single “Never Be The Same” and seemed to be playing an electric guitar, although some pointed out that it was more like she was playing air guitar, since the song doesn't really have much guitar in it. 

As one person noted, “I’m trying really hard to figure out why Camila Cabello, who clearly does not play the guitar, is using one as a stage prop to wave her hand wildly in front of [her] in some facsimile of ‘playing’ it, for every performance of ‘Never Be the Same’ I’ve seen lately.”

But fans were quick to point out that even though you can’t hear Camila playing guitar during the performance, she can actually play the instrument, sharing video of her doing just that. Others insisted that she was indeed playing the guitar and they were proud of her for it.

Check out the performance to the right, and the reactions below:

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