Brewers Re-Create Iconic Scene From ‘The Sandlot’

The Brewers' social media team on Sunday posted a shot-by-shot re-creation of an iconic scene from "The Sandlot," starring several current major-leaguers, as a tribute to the comedy about kids and baseball in the 1960s.

And while I’m not expecting you to know all of these Brewers, I am expecting you to remember the iconic scene that they recall in honor of the 25th anniversary of the film's release in April 1993.

The stars were catcher Stephen Vogt, playing Hamilton "Ham" Porter, while outfielder Brett Phillips reprises the role of naive new kid Scotty Smalls, who volunteers to retrieve the ball beyond the fence, unaware what awaits on the other side.

As for the rest of the credits, it was Christian Yelich, Eric Sogard, Hernan Perez, Jeremy Jeffress, Josh Hader, Chase Anderson andJett Bandy as the rest of the squad.

Keep an eye out for it as it’s sure to be some of the funniest baseball we’ll see from MLB players until the Mets season opens.

Oh, and if you have no idea what scene I am talking about, let me just say “you’re killin’ me Smalls.”

Source: Sporting News

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