Fergie Gets Blasted For Bad, Sexy National Anthem

Singing the National Anthem before a big event can be a thankless job, especially if you don’t do that great a job of it. Well, that’s something Fergie found out the hard way, after she performed the anthem ahead of last night’s NBA All-Star game.

Fergie seemed to have a hard time hitting the song’s high notes, and sang it as if it was a sexy tune and as you can imagine, folks on social media couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the performance. Some people downright hated it, and others couldn't help but compare it to Marilyn Monroe singing “Happy Birthday” to JFK.

“Fergie’s national anthem finished 30 minutes ago and I still haven’t recovered,” @WorldofIsaac tweeted. “A part of me will never be the same.” Check out the performance to the right and more reactions below.