And Boom Goes the Package Thief

Package theft is a huge problem this time of year, but one Washington state man has come up with a way to get back at thieves -- with a bang.

Jaireme Barrow would review his surveillance footage and repeatedly see thieves swiping packages off his front porch while he wasn't home. He kept calling the police, but nothing was ever done to find the porch pirates, so he came up with his own explosive idea. Barrow created the Blank Box. It's an empty box loaded with 12-gauge shotgun blanks that are fired when the package is lifted.

Barrow says, "I was thinking, how could I scare them and make them drop my package and then never come to my front porch again. And I thought, ‘Getting shot at is scary. That’ll make them think twice.'" And so far it's worked. Barrow has captured surveillance videos of would-be thieves attempting to steal the Blank Box and then dropping it when the shots are fired. He's now looking to patent his creation and sell each box for around $60. (Washington Post)