#DrunkSnapchat Bachelor in Paradise Ep. 8

Alright boy's and girls, here is my final #DrunkSnapchat of the season for Bachelor in Paradise.  And possibly for quite some time.  I dunno, we'll see.  I'm not gonna snap the finale cus I'll be at a watch party in Dallas with my sister and some Dallas folks from the show( Sarah V, Jack Stone, Adam G, Jojo and maybe Jordan).  Some insight...the Jack Stone flip flop date with the Twins was suuuuuuper awkward and freakin' amazing.  Tickle Monster continues to be my favorite person ever and apparently I have a weird hybrid Austrailian/Scottish accent.  Also, where the F@!K did Jas get a Starbucks? 

A little bonus, have you ever said the word "taint" in an interview with Enews? No?  Well you haven't lived.