#DrunkSnapchat Bachelor in Paradise ep.5

I've been going back and forth as to if I should #drunksnapchat a show that I'm on.  Mainly because I want to watch it without trying to think of things to make fun of.  It's fun for me to relive this all over again.  Here's the thing, I when we wrapped the show, I had a feeling it was going to be the funniest season ever.  That's saying something considering it started off so...very unfunny.  Finally last night, the comedy of the show came out, thanks to Alexis' story about Christen with the scallops and well...my puppets.  I found it kinda hard to drunk snapchat a show that I was kinda drunk snapchatting while on the show.  Instead of having Carl to voice, I found a cute little toy store in Sayulita and created this weird narrational avenue.  I assumed they would never use any of the "Wells' Paradise Puppeterium" but I'm so glad they did.   To all of those out there that say we were being bullies, I can see how it could look that way.  But remember, the show is a comedy.  Don't believe me, watch the opening credits. Christen's story isn't over yet by any means and trust me, there are a lot of worse things in the world to be called rather than "Scallop Fingers."  Scallops are freakin' delicious!

Anyway, here is my #drunksnapchat from BIP4 ep.5.  Enjoy

If you missed it, here's how we all learned about the "Scallop Fingers" story.