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Cheap Date Ideas To Do Around Nashville

Dates can be really expensive now a day, wow we sound really old just saying that LOL! You could go to a movie but after the tickets, the concession stand and everything else you're looking at about $50 give or take. Well if you don't have that much money and are looking for a fun date that won't break the bank, we have a few suggestions that could be a fun weekend getaway or just a couple hours drive out of Nashville!

Take for an example a walk down the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge aka Nashville Walking Bridge

Also another fun date idea that won't break the bank is a picnic at Centennial Park and while you are there you can stop by and check out the Parthenon.  

Also another great date idea especially once it starts to get cooler and the leaves begin to change is a walk around Radnor Lake

Now if you don't mind driving outside of Nashville, we've got a couple other places in mind that would be a fun date night.

Walking around Knoxville's Old City

Staying around in Knoxville you could check out the World's Fair Park, some people say it's one of the prettiest places around in Knoxville

There are actually quite a few more places around town and outside of Nashville for the perfect cheap date night and you can actually check them out HERE!

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