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Words You’ll Only Understand If You’re From Nashville

When it comes to our hometown we are very passionate! If you ever go out of Nashville, when you talk you'll probably stick out like a sore thumb. The best part is when you use words and people look at you like this because they have no idea what your are talking about.

Here are a few words that only us locals know.


People might look at you weird when they say where do you live and you say "East Nasty" so if you're not from Nashville, "East Nasty" means East Nashville.


Now for a while a few years back everyone was calling Nashville, NashVegas. You're probably thinking why would we get this kind of nickname right? Well apparently we got it for the bright lights and all the good times people have while they are here and we do have some pretty cool neon signs.


This is just our way of calling someone a "Groupie" 

Moon Pie

If you're from Nashville chances are you've had a moon pie. If you're not from Nashville a moon pie is not something from the moon it's actually a treat made up of, chocolate, marshmallows and graham cracker. If you wan't to really fit in, get a moon pie and an RC! We'll explain that next


So you walk into a restaurant and you hear someone say let me get an RC! RC is a brand of soda and it really goes good with a moon pie! 

Another fun word that only us Nashvillians would know is


Just about every year we get one of these, where it rains, then snows and people lose their mind and can't drive. 

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