Tide Has A New Package, But STILL Not For Teens

Procter & Gamble, the parent company to Tide, announced on Friday that they plan to package and ship Tide laundry detergent products in a cardboard box that includes a twist-to-open spout.

It's called the Tide Eco-Box and it's been designed "to reduce the environmental impact of shipping laundry detergent in eCommerce," 

According to CNN, the new box uses 60% less plastic than shipping a bottle of detergent and will cost the company less overall to ship because it weighs less and takes up less space in a delivery truck.

The boxed tide detergent will be made available for giant online retail channels like Amazon and Wal-Mart starting in January.

While this is all great for e-commerce and (sensible) consumers, the packaging very closely resembles that of a very popular (and consumable) boxed product. Boxed wine.  

Do we really need to tell people not to consume detergent?  No matter how it is packaged?

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