Show 428 - The Videos

Some were great. Some were embarrassing. But all left us wanting more, and drove us to the record stores to pick up the LPs, cassettes, or (for the rich kids) the CDs that the songs came from. They were music videos. And they ruled the world. 

Below I've posted the videos of some of the songs from this past Saturday's METAL WORKS (to check out the full playlist just click here). You probably saw these back in the day on Miscellaneous Television or Much Music or Night Flight or Friday Night Videos, etc. etc.

**Some of the video quality on these aren't great, but I tried to find the best version of each for your trip down memory lane.** 


TYKETTO “Forever Young”

Don’t Come Easy (91)


KROKUS “Eat The Rich”

Headhunter (83)


ANTHRAX “Got The Time”(Joe Jackson cover)

The Persistence Of Time (90)



To Hell With The Devil (86)

*Please excuse the Portuguese subtitles. This is the best version of the video I could find.


MEGADETH “A Secret Place”

Cryptic Writings (97)


FATES WARNING “Through Different Eyes”

Perfect Symmetry (89)


RATT “Round And Round”

Out Of The Cellar (84)


TANGIER “Southbound Train”

Four Winds (89)


SWORD “The Trouble Is”

Sweet Dreams (88)


SLAUGHTER “Up All Night”

Stick It To Ya (90)


Again, to check out the full playlist from last week's show, just click here. And be sure to tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock. OUR music. OUR show. METAL WORKS.

Play hard. \m/


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