Playlist for 9/1/18 show...

Show 327


*THE DEAD DAISIES  "Resurrected"

Burn It Down  (18)

RATT  "I Want A Woman"

Reach For The Sky  (88)

MEGADETH  "Peace Sells"

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?  (86)

VICTORY  "Always The Same"

Culture Killed The Native  (89)

SAXON  "Never Surrender"

Denim And Leather  (81)

[Ron Keel - in studio]

STEELER  "Cold Day In Hell"

Steeler  (83)

KEEL  "I Said The Wrong Thing To The Right Girl"

Keel  (87)

RON KEEL  "The Last Ride" (remix)

Metal Cowboy: Reloaded  (18)

KEEL  "Back To The City"

The Right To Rock  (85)

KEEL  "Rock And Roll Animal"

The Final Frontier  (86)

RON KEEL BAND  "The Right To Rock"

Fight Like A Band  (available Jan. '19)

RON KEEL  "Rock And Roll Hell"

Metal Cowboy: Reloaded  (18)

KEEL  "Somebody's Waiting"

Keel  (87)


Make Some Noise  (16)

JUDAS PRIEST  "Painkiller"

Painkiller  (90)

DOKKEN  "Sleepless Night"

Back For The Attack  (87)


Stand In Line  (88)

GAMA BOMB  "666teen"

Speed Between The Lines  (available 10/12/18)

*THE DEAD DAISIES in concert Tuesday, 9/4 at Mercy Lounge.  Click here for ticket info.


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