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Playlist for 8/18/18 show...

Show 325

...with guest-hosts Chris and Aaron from Decibel Geek.*

(A)=Aaron's picks    (C)=Chris' picks


LOUDNESS  "You Shook Me"  (C)

Soldier Of Fortune  (89)

MEGADETH  "Symphony Of Destruction"

Countdown To Extinction  (92)

**JACOB CADE  "Icky Nicky"

Hunger EP (date to be determined, digital single now available)

DOKKEN  "The Hunter"

Under Lock And Key  (85)

ACE FREHLEY  "Snowblind"  (A)

KISS: Ace Frehley  (78)

KILLER DWARFS  "Dirty Weapons" (live)

Live No Guff! (18)

***KEEL  "Cherry Lane"  (C)

Keel  (87)  

UGLY KID JOE  "Funky Fresh Country Club"  (A)

As Ugly As They Wanna Be EP  (91)

QUEENSRYCHE  "Walk In The Shadows"

Rage For Order  (86)

WINGER  "State Of Emergency"  (C)

Winger  (88)

**DENMAN  "Higher"

Raw Deal  (digital single now available, album release date TBD)

****DEF LEPPARD  "Comin' Under Fire"

Pyromania  (83)

TESLA  "Don't De-Rock Me"  (C)

Psychotic Supper  (91)


Stay Hungry  (84)

KING'S X  "Go Tell Somebody"  (A)

XV  (00)

ENUFF Z' NUFF  "Metalheart"  

Diamond Boy  (18)

JUDAS PRIEST  "Screaming For Vengeance"

Screaming For Vengeance  (82)

***TORA TORA  "Shattered"  (C)

Wild America  (92)


Dog Eat Dog  (92)

*****PANTERA  "Domination"

Cowboys From Hell  (90)

*Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2, Saturday, 8/25 at The Nashville Palace.  Click here for info.

**Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 After-Party concert with DENMAN and JACOB CADE, Saturday, 8/25 at The Basement East.  Click here for tickets.

***Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2 Pre-Party concert with TORA TORA and RON KEEL, Friday, 8/24 at Mercy Lounge.  Click here for tickets.

****DEF LEPPARD in concert, Saturday, 8/25 at Bridgestone Arena.  Click here for ticket info.

*****Rare Hare 7, Monday, 8/20.  Click here for info.  Click here for ticket info.


Tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock.  OUR music.  OUR show.  METAL WORKS.

Play hard.  \m/


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