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Episode 316 - The Videos

Some were great.  Some were embarrassing.  But all left us wanting more, and drove us to the record stores to pick up the LPs, cassettes, or (for the rich kids) the CDs that the songs came from.  They were music videos.  And they ruled the world.  

I've picked a few of the videos of songs from this past Saturday's METAL WORKS (you can check out the full playlist just click here).  You probably saw these back in the day on Miscellaneous Television or Night Flight or Friday Night Videos.  

**Some of the video quality on these aren't great, but I tried to find the best version of each for your trip down memory lane.** 



Let's get things going with this killer WARRANT tune from their (let's use the word again) killer 1992 album Dog Eat Dog.  It's "Machine Gun".  (Leather shorts?  Well why the hell not.)

Here's KROKUS off their '84 album The Blitz with their take on SWEET's "Ballroom Blitz".

MEGADETH gets theatrical with their video for "Hangar 18" off 1990's Rust In Peace.

Now let's head back to 1985 with ODIN and the music video for their song "Shining Love" off Don't Take No For An Answer.

Definitely one of the most iconic music videos of all time, here's MOTLEY CRUE with "Looks That Kill" off Shout At The Devil.  But first a short behind the scenes look of the making of it...

Now something new.  From their album The Great Divide which is out now, here's MILLENNIAL REIGN with "Break The Tide."  (Sure, it's all just with a white background, but at least they're in the video and it's not just lyrics flashing up on the screen.)

With JOE LYNN TURNER on vocals, here's YNGWIE MALMSTEEN's "Heaven Tonight" off 88's Odyssey.

Apologies.  You may have to squint through this one to see it.  It's the best (least worst?) version I could find.  But it's such a great song and a cool video, so I had to post it.  Off their self-titled 1991 album, it's ASPHALT BALLET with "Soul Survive."

SAXON with the title track off their 1986 album Rock The Nations.

With their classic "Alison Hell" off '89's Alice In Hell, it's ANNIHILATOR.

And finally, the late great RONNIE JAMES DIO.  I searched everywhere for a posting of the music video for DIO's "All The Fools Sailed Away" from the Dream Evil album, only to determine that for some reason it's blocked content in the U.S.  This is the best copy I could find.  CLICK HERE.


Again, to check out the full playlist from this week's show, just click here. And be sure to tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock.  OUR music.  OUR show.  METAL WORKS.

Play hard.  \m/


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