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Episode 315 - The Videos

Some were great.  Some were embarrassing.  But all left us wanting more, and drove us to the record stores to pick up the LPs, cassettes, or (for the rich kids) the CDs that the songs came from.  They were music videos.  And they ruled the world.  

I've picked a few of the videos of songs from this past Saturday's METAL WORKS (you can check out the full playlist just click here).  You probably saw these back in the day on Miscellaneous Television or Night Flight or Friday Night Videos.  

**Some of the video quality on these aren't great, but I tried to find the best version of each for your trip down memory lane.** 



Let's get things going with QUEENSRYCHE and the first of two videos directed by Matt Mahurin.  You may not know his name, but you definitely know his work, with a distinct look that he brought to videos for bands like Metallica, U2, Alice In Chains, Motley Crue and many more.  Here's "Best I Can," one of four videos he created for the Empire album.  

From '87s Tell No Tales, here's TNT with "10,000 Lovers (In One)".

Now for the multinational band (two American, two Japanese) CATS IN BOOTS from their one-and-done album Kicked & Klawed with "Shot Gun Sally".

Speaking of felines, from their self-titled debut here's FASTER PUSSYCAT with "Bathroom Wall."

From the briefly re-united Don, George, Jeff, and Mick, here's DOKKEN with "It's Another Day", a new studio recording from their album new live album Return To East Live 2016.

This live version of "Crazy Train" from OZZY OSBOURNE's Tribute album released in 1987, was recorded in '81.  It was released as a single for Tribute and this awesome video featured footage of the man the "tribute" was in reference to, the late great RANDY RHOADS.

Off their excellent second album Save Yourself, here's McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP with "Anytime."

Another video directed by Matt Mahurin.  His style is immediately recognizable, and very cool.  It's SCORPIONS off their 1993 album Face The Heat with "Alien Nation."

While there isn't an official music video for RAINBOW's "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll," this cool live studio recording was done in New York just before the release of the 1978 album.

LIZZY BORDEN shows off some excellent make-up effects in this video for "Long May They Haunt Us", off his brand new album My Midnight Things.

And we end with KING DIAMOND's "Family Ghost" off 87's Abigail .


Again, to check out the full playlist from this week's show, just click here. And be sure to tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock.  OUR music.  OUR show.  METAL WORKS.

Play hard.  \m/


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