Playlist for 9/2/17 show...

Show 275


W.A.S.P.  "Scream"

Golgotha  (15)

SCORPIONS  "Blackout"

Blackout  (82)

TESLA  "Rock Me To The Top"

Mechanical Resonance  (86)

EXTREME  "Rest In Peace"

III Sides To Every Story  (92)

STALLION  "Waiting For A Sign"

From The Dead  (17)

SHOTGUN MESSIAH  "Heartbreak Blvd."

Second Coming  (91)

WHITESNAKE  "Dancing Girls"

Saints & Sinners  (82)

ALICE COOPER  "Paranormal"

Paranormal  (17)

MEGADETH  "Symphony Of Destruction"

Countdown To Extinction  (92)

Y&T  "Mean Streak"

Mean Streak  (83)

STONE FURY  "Break Down The Walls"

Burns Like A Star  (84)

MR. BIG  "Defying Gravity"

Defying Gravity  (17)

KROKUS  "Eat The Rich"

Headhunter  (83)

DIO  "Wild One"

Lock Up The Wolves  (90)

REB BEACH  "Dark Places"

Masquerade  (02)

MOTLEY CRUE  "In The Beginning / Shout At The Devil"

Shout At The Devil  (83)

HEAVEN  "Last Laugh"

Knockin' On Heaven's Door  (85)

CINDERELLA  "The Last Mile"

Long Cold Winter  (88)


Transcendence  (88)

RATT  "Dance"

Dancing Undercover  (86)

IRON MAIDEN  "Wrathchild"

Killers  (81)

KING'S X  "Higher Than God"

Tape Head  (98)

ICED EARTH  "Seven Headed Whore"

Incorruptible  (17)


Tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock.  OUR music.  OUR show.  METAL WORKS.

Play hard.  \m/


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