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Playlist for 8/12/17 show...

Show 272

...with guest-hosts Chris and Aaron from Decibel Geek.**

(A)=Aaron's picks    (C)=Chris' picks


L.A. GUNS  "Speed"

The Missing Peace  (out Oct. 13)

HURRICANE  "Hurricane"

Take What You Want  (85)

ACE FREHLEY  "What Every Girl Wants"  (A)

Space Invader  (14)

WARRANT  "Hole In My Wall"  (C)

Dog Eat Dog  (92)

MOTLEY CRUE  "Smoke The Sky"  (A)

Motley Crue  (94)

DIO  "We Rock"

The Last In Line  (84)

DENMAN  "Miles Away From Home"  (C)

The Life We Live EP  (17)

(available at

ANTHRAX  "Indians"

Among The Living  (87)

HAIR OF THE DOG  "I Can't Fight You"  (A)

Rise  (00)

STALLION  "Hold The Line"

From The Dead  (17)

DOKKEN  "Alone Again"

Tooth And Nail  (84)

UGLY KID JOE  "My Old Man"  (A)

Uglier Than They Used Ta Be  (15)

JUDAS PRIEST  "Out In The Cold"  (C)

Turbo  (86)

*SIMMONZ  "Heal The Hate"

Days Like These  (99)

IRON MAIDEN  "Can I Play With Madness"  (C)

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son  (88)

ENUFF Z' NUFF  "You're Not Me"  (A)

Peach Fuzz  (96)

TORA TORA  "Amnesia"  (C)

Wild America  (92)

RAGE  "Season Of The Black"

Seasons Of The Black  (17)

*Simmonz in concert with Vahalla and more, Saturday, 8/19 at Revelry.  Click here for info.

**Nashville Rock N Pod Expo, Saturday, 8/26 at Music Valley Event Center.  Click here for info.


Tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock.  OUR music.  OUR show.  METAL WORKS.

Play hard.  \m/


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