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Playlist for 7/22/17 show...

Show 269


HOUSE OF LORDS  "Saint Of The Lost Souls"

Saint Of The Lost Souls  (17)

WARRANT  "Down Boys"

Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich  (89)

GRIM REAPER  "Fear No Evil"

Fear No Evil  (85)

LYNCH MOB  "Sweet Sister Mercy"

Wicked Sensation  (90)


Dehumanizer  (92)

JUDAS PRIEST  "Freewheel Burning"

Defenders Of The Faith  (84)

HEAVEN'S EDGE  "Rock Steady"

Some Other Place Some Other Time  (92/98)

MASTERPLAN  "Step Out Of Hell"

PumpKings  (17)

MOTLEY CRUE  "Home Sweet Home" (METAL WORKS remix)

Theatre Of Pain  (85)

LEATHERWOLF  "Street Ready"

Street Ready  (89)

W.A.S.P.  "9.5.-N.A.S.T.Y."

Inside The Electric Circus  (86)

WHITE LION  "Hungry"

Pride  (87)

Y&T  "Open Fire"

Black Tiger  (82)

REX BROWN  "Train Song"

Smoke On This...  (17)

MEGADETH  "Sweating Bullets"

Countdown To Extinction  (92)

DEF LEPPARD  "Comin' Under Fire"

Pyromania  (83)


For Madmen Only  (94)

IRON MAIDEN  "Flight Of Icarus"

Piece Of Mind  (83)

BATON ROUGE  "Bad Time Comin' Down"

Shake Your Soul  (90)

KEEL  "The Right To Rock"

The Right To Rock  (85)

*ANTHRAX  "Fight 'Em 'Til You Can't"

Worship Music  (11)

L.A. GUNS  "Speed"

The Missing Peace  (17)

*In memory or legendary filmmaker George A. Romero.  Read my thoughts on him HERE.


Tune in every Saturday night at 9pm cst for two hours(ish) of Classic Metal and Hard Rock.  OUR music.  OUR show.  METAL WORKS.

Play hard.  \m/


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