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Playlist for 6/24/17 show...

Show 265


JORN  "Fire To The Sun"

Life On Death Road  (17)

KROKUS  "Headhunter"

Headhunter  (83)

ENUFF Z' NUFF  "New Thing"

Enuff Z' Nuff  (89)

QUEENSRYCHE  "Queen Of The Reich"

Queensryche EP  (83)

SAVATAGE  "Edge Of Thorns"

Edge Of Thorns  (93)

KINGDOM COME  "Do You Like It"

In Your Face  (89)


Silk And Steel  (86)

REX BROWN (of Pantera)  "Crossing Lines"

Smoke On This  (17)

KISS  "Domino"

Revenge  (92)

HELIX  "Heavy Metal Love"

No Rest For The Wicked  (83)


Phantom Blue  (89)

BATTLE BEAST  "Bringer Of Pain"

Bringer Of Pain  (17)

OZZY OSBOURNE  "Over The Mountain"

Diary Of A Madman  (81)

JUSTIN HEAT  "Make Your Move"

Naughty, But Nice compilation  

Available at:

FIREHOUSE  "Don't Treat Me Bad"

Firehouse  (90)

MEGADETH  "In My Darkest Hour"

So Far, So Good... So What!  (88)

BULLETBOYS  "Hard As A Rock"

BulletBoys  (88)

RACER X  "Loud And Clear"

Street Lethal  (86)

*JONESWORLD  "Stomp!!"

Available at:

JUDAS PRIEST  "Delivering The Goods"

Hell Bent For Leather  (78)

RUSH  "One Little Victory" (remix)

Vapor Trails Remixed  (13)

JOE SATRIANI  "Summer Song"

The Extremist  (92)

ICED EARTH  "Seven Headed Whore"

Incorruptible  (17)

*Nashville musician, Master of Funk, and all-around cool guy Todd Austin (a.k.a. Toddzilla) lost just about everything in a house fire (musical instruments, vintage car, etc.)  Attend the Benefit For Toddzilla concert Saturday, July 1st.  Click here for info!!!  Can't attend?  Click here with a donation of any size:


Play hard.  \m/


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