Metal Works

Metal Works

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Playlist for this week's show...

Show 254


BATTLE BEAST  "Straight To The Heart"

Bringer Of Pain  (17)

CINDERELLA  "Somebody Save Me"

Night Songs  (86)

METALLICA  "Ride The Lightning"

Ride The Lightning  (84)

AUTOGRAPH  "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me"

Sign In Please  (84)

RAGE  "True Face In Everyone"

Reflections Of A Shadow  (90)

L.A. GUNS  "Never Enough"

Cocked And Loaded  (89)

ACCEPT  "Run If You Can"

Breaker  (81)

AYREON  "Into The Ocean"

The Source  (17)

EUROPE  "Rock The Night"

The Final Countdown  (86)

IRON MAIDEN  "The Evil That Men Do"

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son  (88)

HAREM SCAREM  "Saviors Never Cry"

Mood Swings  (93)

SCORPIONS  "Can't Live Without You"

Blackout  (82)

SHARK ISLAND  "Somebody's Falling"

Law Of The Order  (89)

KXM  "Big Sky Country"

Scatterbrain  (17)

JACKYL  "When Will It Rain"

Jackyl  (92)

BRITNY FOX  "Louder"

Bite Down Hard  (91)

SACRED REICH  "Surf Nicaragua"

Surf Nicaragua EP  (88)

FIFTH ANGEL  "The Night"

Fifth Angel  (86)

LIPSTICK  "You Can't Stop The Rock"

II  (17)  - available at

JUDAS PRIEST  "Breaking The Law"

British Steel  (80)

TESLA  "Yesterdaze Gone"

The Great Radio Controversy  (89)

ARMORED SAINT  "March Of The Saints" (live)

Carpe Noctum  (17)

*SAVATAGE  "Believe"

Streets: A Rock Opera  (91)

*In memory of Paul O'Neill (2/23/56 – 4/4/17)


Play hard.  \m/


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