Metal Chruch's New Take On "Fake Healer"

First off, I frakking love the latest Metal Church album, XI featuring the return of vocalist Mike Howe... but you probably already knew that from the amount of times I've played material off it on Metal Works.  Well, it looks like the guys will be releasing a live album on April 28th from their most recent tour, and included on it is a bonus track: a re-recording of their song "Fake Healer."  That particular tune is probably my all time-favorite from them, and I'm not a big fan of re-recordings.  However, they decided to invite Queensryche's Todd LaTorre to duet with Mr. Howe, so I'll definitely make an exception for this.  I really dig it.  Check it out!  And for more info on the upcoming album click here.

Play hard.  \m/