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Metal Works

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Playlist for tonight's show...

Show 248


MICHAEL SCHENKER  "Saturday Night"

Temple Of Rock  (11)

KIX  "Cold Blood"

Blow My Fuse  (88)

QUEENSRYCHE  "The Prophecy"

(recorded 85-86, released on 88 re-issue of Queensryche EP)

UGLY KID JOE  "Everything About You"

As Ugly As They Wanna Be  (91)

OVERKILL  "Mean, Green Killing Machine"

The Grinding Wheel  (17)

JUDAS PRIEST  "Some Heads Are Gonna Roll"

Defenders Of The Faith  (84)

STEELHEART  "Like Never Before"

Steelheart  (90)

PRETTY MAIDS  "King Of The Right Here And Now"

Kingmaker  (16)

L.A. GUNS  "One More Reason"

L.A. Guns  (88)

DIO  "Evil Eyes"

The Last In Line  (84)

SWEET F.A.  "Nothin' For Nothin'"

Stick To Your Guns  (90)


Songs From The Garage  (16)

KISS  "Unholy"

Revenge  (92)

*JONESWORLD  "Stomp!!"


RATT  "Wanted Man"

Out Of The Cellar  (84)

RAVEN  "Break The Chain"

All For One  (83)

SHOTGUN MESSIAH  "Don't Care 'Bout Nothin'"

Shotgun Messiah  (89)

TESTAMENT  "The New Order"

The New Order  (88)

TESLA  "Flight To Nowhere"

The Great Radio Controversy  (89)

ACCEPT  "Balls To The Wall"

Balls To The Wall  (84)

THE CULT  "Lil' Devil"

Electric  (87)

SPREAD EAGLE  "Switchblade Serenade"

Spread Eagle  (90)

KREATOR  "Gods Of Violence"

Gods Of Violence  (17)

*(JonesWorld in concert Tuesday, 2/28 at Frisky Frog's.)


Tune in every Saturday night from 9 to 11 for METAL WORKS.


Play hard.  \m/


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