Metal Works

Metal Works

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Playlist for tonight's show...

Show 247


BLACK STAR RIDERS "Who Rides The Tiger"

Heavy Fire  (17)

KROKUS  "Eat The Rich"

Headhunter  (83)

LILLIAN AXE  "Misery Loves Company"

Lillian Axe  (88)

BLACK SABBATH  "Heaven And Hell"

Heaven And Hell  (80)

MEGADETH  "Addicted To Chaos"

Youthanasia  (94)

MOTLEY CRUE  "Live Wire"

Too Fast For Love  (81)

SAIGON KICK  "Feel The Same Way"

The Lizard  (92)

BATTLE BEAST  "King For A Day"

Bringer Of Pain  (17)

CINDERELLA  "Nobody's Fool"

Night Songs  (86)


No More Tears  (91)

VICTORY  "On The Run"

Victory  (85)

LOUDNESS  "This Lonely Heart"

Hurricane Eyes  (87)

HOUSE OF LORDS  "Chains Of Love"

Sahara  (90)

HERMAN FRANK  "Can't Take It"

The Devil Rides Out  (16)

VAN HALEN  "Romeo Delight"

Women And Children First  (80)

LYNCH MOB  "River Of Love"

Wicked Sensation  (90)

FEMME FATALE  "One More For The Road"

One More For The Road  (Recorded 89-90, now released via FnA Records. Click here to order.)

GWAR  "Sick Of Me"

Scumdogs Of The Universe  (90)

FASTER PUSSYCAT  "Bathroom Wall"

Faster Pussycat  (87)

SAVATAGE  "Prelude To Madness / Hall Of The Mountain King"

Hall Of The Mountain King  (87)

NITRO  "Turnin' Me On"

H.W.D.W.S.  (91)


Flotsam And Jetsam  (16)


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Play hard.  \m/


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