Whoever Said Being an Adult was Easy?

So the current generation, known as "Millennials" are having a hard time being an adult, or as they call it "adulting". Why is today any harder than it was 20-30 years ago like it was for generation X? Maybe we've been to soft, given them to much. I remember my grandfather who was from the "great generation" and lived through 2 World Wars and the depression. "The best place to go when your broke is work". If my grandfather needed more money he worked extra days, extra hours. Some how he had no problem becoming an adult as this was after his father died when he was 16 and he had to work to feed the family. So here's what to do 1. Get a plan, 2. Work at least a part time job while you're in school (preferably one that sucks, nothing will motivate you more to get an education than a crappy job), 3. Get an education with a degree that will actually get you a job. A degree doesn't guarantee a job. 4. Get a job. Stop dwelling on how hard it is to be an adult, and as Nike says "JUST DO IT"!

Almost forgot here's a story about millennials growing up from nbcnews.com.

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