Chic-Fil-A Beats The Competition By Being Polite!

If you've ever visited a fast food restaurant, you know that manners are not always their top priority. I love it when I pull up to a drive through and they say "What do you want?" How about  "Welcome to restaurant my name is, what can I get for you today?" It's what most of us we're taught as children, being polite and having manners go a long way in this world. So much so that Chic-Fil-A is beating the competition with this philosophy. Now I'm not being paid by Chic-Fil-A, however I am a big fan. They make you fell welcome, even if the line is long, it moves fast and the order is always right. It's amazing how something so simple works so well. So the next time you get bad service at a restaurant, tell them they should visit Chic-Fil-A.

Full story from Business Insider dot com here.

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