Ozzy Talks About Rumors Of A Black Sabbath Reunion

Ozzfest 2016

Photo: Getty Images

Ozzy Osbourne has ruled out a Black Sabbath reunion.

The rocker performed with Tony Iommi at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games at Alexander Stadium earlier this year but recently said, “No, no more Black Sabbath."

He went on to clarify, "I wouldn't say no to doing some more with Tony. Black Sabbath is completely different music to what I'm into now. Well, it's kind of, like, how many times do you wanna do the same. It's the same format, you know? It was very successful for a lot of years, and people wanted to see us. I'd work with any of them individually. But as Black Sabbath, I think it's [over], we couldn't really beat what we've already done."

What band SHOULD be over that isn't?

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