Nickelback Announces Release Date Of 1st Album In 5 Years

Five years after Nickelback's Feed the Machine arrived, the band has announced a release date for the album's follow-up.

Get Rollin' is set to drop on November 18th, according to frontman Chad Kroeger. Despite the five-year break between albums, Kroeger says the layout of Get Rollin' won't be a radical departure from Nickelback's previous efforts. "The record's all over the map, just like all of our records are," he says. "We're just starting off with a big, kick-the-door-down rocker, and there's other heavy material on there, but, just like I said, like every other Nickelback record, it ebbs and flows and there's something there for every single mood."

The album's first single, "San Quentin," is due to drop on Wednesday.

Has Nickelback managed to win over any of the music fans who made fun of the group in the past?

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