Ted Nugent Admits Using the Wrong Strings

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Photo: Getty Images

Ted Nugent recently broadcasted a live video on YouTube discussing his current tour and said that a crew member's oversight led to him using the incorrect guitar strings.

The rock star explained that he could not produce his sound during his first four shows on his ‘Detroit Muscle’ 2022 tour because a new crew member had put the incorrect strings on his guitar. According to Nugent, performing his bends is an important component of his music, and the crew member's wrong arrangement adversely affected his performance.

On April 29, the rock veteran released his sixteenth and most recent solo studio album, titled "Detroit Muscle." Eleven songs total. The variety of the 11-track album's sound incorporated hard rock, blues, and heavy metal influences, causing it to gain attention. The album received accolades for its upbeat pace and Nugent's powerful voice.

Has there ever been a time when you have performed poorly because of someone else's mishap?

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