Did Britney Spears Have a Photoshop Fail on Her Latest Nude Photos?

As you probably know, BRITNEY SPEARS posts nude photos pretty regularly. Well, her latest one has people thinking she had quite the Photoshop FAIL. 

In the photo, she's standing next to an open door . . . and the part of the door that's next to her tummy appears warped. Her tummy also appears to be brushed with a smudge tool to appear flatter.

Unless the door is . . . oddly-shaped . . . it does appear she did a little fixing. Some of the things people said were:

Quote, "Girl you gotta stop the Photoshop. At least don't have a bent door." 

And, quote, "I've always been intrigued by doors that don't form a perfect rectangle. It feels so Picasso-ish."

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