This City Seen A Rise in Complaints Over Loud Sex Disturbances

Apparently, New York City residents have been killing time during the pandemic by getting nasty.

In the year ending on February 9th, the city received at least 277 complaints from people who said they were disturbed by neighbors who were a little too loud while making love, according to data obtained by Queens led the number of complaints with 103, followed by Manhattan with 66 and Brooklyn with 55, the website reveals. Only four complaints came from Staten Island, however.

"I've slept through earthquakes and fires in my life," a Brooklyn resident complained. "I couldn't sleep through this." Another upset New Yorker complained the kinky couple next door was singing Christmas carols while bumping uglies. "Some guy is singing 'Jingle Balls' at the top of his voice while another person is screaming, 'Yes daddy, come down my chimney,'" the caller said. "It has been going on for hours. I’m tired of hearing these people singing Christmas carols while they have sex all day."

Have you had more or less sex since the pandemic started?

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