Ted Nugent Calls Neil Young a Punk

Ted Nugent is once again slamming Neil Young over his decision to pull his music from Spotify in protest of Joe Rogan. 

Rogan, whose podcast is distributed exclusively through Spotify, has been criticized by doctors and scientists for spreading misinformation regarding the coronavirus and vaccines.

In a new video, Nugent said “Well, Neil Young, God bless him. I’m sure that there’s many people that appreciate Neil Young‘s creativity and his talents and his creation of wonderful music for those people who love that kind of music. I’m not a big fan. I happen to know that he’s got a lot of soul. But now that I’ve praised him for all the positives, the guy is a complete punk.” 

He went on to say, “If you’ve done that much mind-altering chemicals throughout your life, then you can proudly claim in one moment that you should be rocking in the free world but then in the next moment witness all the evidence supporting everything that Joe Rogan‘s been saying, that I’ve been saying, the truth, logic and common sense, the indisputable evidence to support it, and then claim that we’re guilty of misinformation when actually the stoner birdbrain punk, he delivers misinformation.”

Could you say anything nice about your worst enemy?

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