Guy on Drugs Tried to Claim His Bag of Syringes Was "For Fishing"

If there's a type of fishing that involves making the fish OVERDOSE, I'll apologize for making fun of this guy . . .

Cops in Vero Beach, Florida got a call Saturday afternoon about a 30-year-old named Eric Bennett who was, quote, "visibly intoxicated on an unknown substance."

While they were talking to him, they noticed his pockets were filled with something, because they were bulging out. So they asked if he had any weapons on him.

And he responded by telling them he had a bag full of SYRINGES in his pocket. But he claimed they weren't for drugs . . . they were for FISHING. He said he used them "for fishing" but didn't elaborate. And he didn't have any other fishing equipment with him.

He did have a cigarette pack with a bag of fentanyl inside though. So they arrested him for possession.

He's been arrested in the past for grand theft, drunk driving, driving without a license, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He's due in court next month. 

(Here's his mugshot.)

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