People Are Freaking Out about Faith Hill's Photo on the Cover of "People"

The Internet lost its mind yesterday after a photo of FAITH HILL and TIM MCGRAW showed up on"People"magazine's Instagram. It's the cover of this week's issue, and they're promoting their new series,"1883".

There're dressed in period clothes, Faith's hair is brown and curly, which is probably close to its natural state. Remember, there were no blonde highlights in the 1880s, AND the show's creator is a stickler for authenticity.

Put it all together and you get tons of nasty comments, most of them directed at Faith. Here are a few: "She looks like she had a little too much work done" . . . "Find Faith, because that can't be her" . . . and "That looks like Tim, but doesn't look like Faith."

Was the photo re-touched? Sure. Plus, cover shots typically include makeup and hair stylists, a professional photographer, and graphic designers tweaking the final product. Looks like they just collectively overdid it.

We don't know if Faith had final approval. Stars like her often do. But they're also super busy and don't have time to go back and forth saying yes to every single version.

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