A Woman on Drugs Streaked at an Eighth Grade Football Practice

Anytime there's a streaker at an NFL game, the cameras cut away. But I guarantee ALL eyes were on this woman . . .

A 27-year-old named Lacey Uthe got arrested on Friday after she streaked across the field at an EIGHTH-GRADE football practice.

It happened in Jefferson City, Missouri. She ran onto the field wearing only a scarf. And 29 eighth-grade boys were there practicing when it happened.

It turned out she lives nearby and didn't actually intend to streak.

She told the cops she was at home doing DRUGS when she got paranoid . . . thought she was going to die . . . and ran outside naked to find help.

She told them she ingested HEROIN. So they took her to a hospital to get checked out, and then took her to jail.

She's facing a felony charge for sexual misconduct involving children. 

(Here's her mugshot.)

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