Eagles Fans Were Allegedly Caught Having Sex in a Bathroom Stall

The Philadelphia Eagles came from behind to beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday . . . but the game apparently wasn't exciting enough for two fans who were at the stadium.

There are videos making the rounds online, showing a man and a woman doing SOMETHING together in a stall in a men's restroom. It's unclear what's happening, but you can see both their feet under the stall.

By the time the videos start, a fairly large crowd has already gathered, including a few cops. They knock on the door, and ask them to come out. (Careful) As that's happening, the crowd chants "Let them finish! Let them finish!"

The door eventually opens, and they both walk out. The man is put in handcuffs . . . but according to reports, they were NOT arrested.

They were both fully clothed when the cops arrived, and so they weren't able to confirm that they were doing anything illegal. That said, it's against policy for a woman to be in the men's room, so they were escorted OUT of the stadium. 

(There are a few UNCENSORED videos here and here.) 

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