DUMBASS OF THE DAY: Scammer Convinces Woman To Shave Her Head

Young Woman Cutting Her Own Hair

Photo: Getty Images

Megan Randolph has been the victim of a scam that’s left her “mad,” “devastated,” …and bald. It seems the model from Utah fell victim to a ruse that started with a text message from someone claiming to be “Ashley,” a rep from Redken beauty & hair care products, who knew her name.

Somehow, Ashley ended up convincing Megan to shave her head bald…including her eyebrows…in exchange for “a couple of thousand bucks.” After providing Ashley with progress pics and videos, the mystery woman then disappeared, there was no cash, and the number she was texting from was out of service.

Take this as a lesson, kids…don’t shave your head for random strangers that text you. It’s just not worth it.

Source:CBS 21

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