ALL THE FEELS: Boy’s Lemonade Stand Raises Money For Real Fire Truck

Like a lot of kids, eight-year-old Andrew wanted to run a lemonade stand to earn money for a fire truck. But he wasn’t hoping for a toy, he was raising money for a real-life fire truck. The third-grader from Danville, Pennsylvania, was pitching in to help his local fire department get a new ladder truck.

The Friendship Fire Company has been raising money for the new truck for more than a year and Andrew is happy to do his part. Business was good at the lemonade stand and he brought in $200. Unfortunately, that’s just a drop in the bucket for the truck’s $1.3-million price tag.

The young entrepreneur’s mom, Andrea, says the firefighters clapped when he brought in the donation and they let him and his siblings check out the fire truck. “You could just tell it warmed their hearts,” she says. “It was just a really proud moment.”

Source:Fox News

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