Rosanna Arquette Says She'll Kneel for US Anthem For 'the rest' Of Her Life

Although fewer athletes have been taking a knee during the National Anthem these days, don't expect to see Rosanna Arquette join them anytime soon. The actress says she won't stand up for the Star-Spangled Banner "for the rest of [her] life."

"I don’t know about you, but if the flag and Star Spangled Banner comes around me, I kneel in solidarity -- and will for the rest of my life," Arquette tweeted on Tuesday. The tweet echoes a message posted by Arquette in 2019.

Arquette posted her latest tweet in response to the controversy surrounding Olympic athlete Gwen Berry, who turned away from the U.S. flag during the National Anthem at the Olympic trials.

Does criticizing the country fall under freedom of speech rights?

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