"Jeopardy" Contestant Accused Of Flashing Hate Symbol Responds To Morons

Kelly Donohue won three consecutive games on Jeopardy. To mark the occasion, he put three fingers across his chest. This symbol is known as the "OK" symbol to most. NBA Players use it to celebrate a 3 pointer.

Somehow, in our bizarre world of people being constantly offended, this has become a symbol of White Supremacy. To be clear, it's not a hate symbol when Steph Curry or James Harden flashes the symbol after a basket. It is only a hate symbol when a white contestant on 'Jeopardy" flashes the symbol.

Donohue shouldn't have to apologize or explain himself. Unfortunately, this country is filled with morons. Over 400 of those morons happen to be former "Jeopardy" contestants who complained and demanded an apology.

Donohue responded on his Facebook.

Kelly Donohue

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