Charlie Yielding, CEO of G Squared Wireless

As CEO Charlie works with the operational leaders within G Squared Wireless to insure constant process improvement through data driven analytics while working with the same team to improve the quality of leadership at the highest levels of the company. This strategy creates a culture that promotes talent from within and allows motivated individuals to develop skillsets that would be traditionally out of reach. Charlie is an at-large board member for the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) and works with vendors and individuals throughout the Enterprise IT industry to tackle the challenges that arise in an industry that is rapidly changing.

Born and raised in Northeast Mississippi, Charlie graduated from Mississippi State University with a BA in Psychology. For the next two years he worked odd jobs while his wife attended law school, and upon her graduation in 2008, they packed up and moved to Nashville, TN where Charlie got a job selling home mortgages. As you can imagine, the times were not the greatest for this type of work, but Charlie managed to sell enough in his first two months to qualify for a company trip to Las Vegas. While the training on home loans has proven to be valuable, the home mortgage industry is not one that Charlie will likely revisit.

Charlie found G Squared Wireless via a Craigslist ad in January of 2009. G Squared Wireless was looking for someone with a college degree (it did come in handy after all) and experience with wireless devices to work as a Tier 2 support agent for mobile devices. Charlie cultivated an interest in mobile technology in the early 2000’s while working as a part time sales associate at RadioShack, which was just the right experience for his new job as a helpdesk agent. At G Squared he immediately started working with others to better define processes and improvements in his role. This quickly led to his promotion to a Client Manager. At this point Charlie was in over his head. He had no previous organizational or time management training so his inability to completely handle his workload was causing mistakes. After a discussion with leadership, he made a choice. A choice to take responsibility and work to be better in every aspect of work life. After pouring time and effort into self-improvement, Charlie’s results improved, and he was able to move up to implementation manager a few months later. He over saw the implementation of all new clients and built the initial process for doing so which is still used today, although, it has been drastically improved by his predecessors over the years. Since then, Charlie has been Operations Manager, VP of Operations, COO, and now CEO. While all the new positions were welcome, each brought new sets of responsibility and stress that have caused Charlie to grow more than he would have thought possible 10 years ago.

Charlie believes in working hard to create time to spend with his wife and two young children. He credits his son’s birth with allowing him to understand that self-improvement is a constant pursuit, and that today’s mistakes are tomorrow’s experience. When he has free time, you can find Charlie playing pickleball, co-hosting the Data 4 All podcast, or playing his favorite PC games.

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