Matt Cardona On His GCW GM Role, NWA Return, and More | Exclusive Interview

Join us for an exclusive interview with the one and only Matt Cardona! We dive deep into some of the hottest topics in the wrestling world today. From his return to GCW as the General Manager to his upcoming appearance at NWA's "Back to the Territories" in Knoxville, TN. Matt shares his thoughts on:

- The differences between wearing the GM hat versus the talent hat at a show.

- His goals for the prestigious 10 pounds of gold and standout talent in the NWA.

- The impact of the territory system relaunch on the wrestling business.

- His thoughts on the open challenge match against Copeland for the TNT title in Ontario.

We also discuss the hilarious behind-the-scenes moment when Battle made a rookie mistake and forgot to hit record.

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